NA Engineering Associates Inc. – Dinner At Our House

On Aug 29, NA Engineering staff generously donated their time to preparing dinner for the occupants of the Ronald McDonald house at 741 Baseline Road East in London, ON.  The menu, Pad Thai, Mango Salad and a Brownie Sundae Bar was developed and prepared by the volunteers.  Initiated by Katie Rooyakkers, our Civil Engineering manager who stayed at the house after the birth of her second daughter and saw an opportunity for the firm to give back to this worthy cause.  The Ronald McDonald House provides people with a place to stay while their loved ones are in the hospital. “They not only provide a place to stay but in a time when your concern is not on yourself they provide food and other services to help parents stay at their best while caring for the children.”  Each night a group, company, organization, etc… makes and provides dinner for the families and after benefiting from the amazing generosity of so many she asked our staff to help give back.  We are so proud of the initiative and all their efforts!