NALogoRed&B_thick_assoc-150PX40 Year Infrastructure Renewal Plan, Bruce Power

Client: Bruce Power L.P.

Project Location: Tiverton, Ontario

In early 2007, Bruce Power engaged NA Engineering Associates to conduct the Phase 1 Scope Definition portion of the 40-Year Infrastructure Renewal Plan. This work was successfully completed in the spring of 2007. Following this, NA Engineering Associates Inc., together with sub-consultants Gamsby and Mannerow Engineers and Zelinka Priamo Limited, were retained to complete Phase 2 of this very important project.

The Phase 2 component of this project consists of a wide variety of studies and assessments, looking at planning issues, domestic water, fire water, industrial water, storm drainage infrastructure, sanitary conveyance and treatment, roads and parking lots, steam and condensate distribution, electrical distribution, instrumentation and controls and LAN and phone systems. Studies will range from capacity calculations to condition surveys to strategic planning to the development of maintenance programs.

Upon completion of this work, NA Engineering Associates Inc. will assemble a 40-year strategic plan for maintenance, repair, upgrade, replacement, and expansion of all elements of the infrastructure, complete with annual budgeted capital estimates