NALogoRed&B_thick_assoc-150PXBruce Power Third-Party Fire Protection Reviews

Client: Bruce Power LP

Project Location: Tiverton, Ontario

Since 2011, NA Engineering Associates Inc. has undertaken Third-Party Fire Protection Reviews for Bruce Power LP as required under their operating licenses. Third party fire protection reviews are mandated by the CNSC for all changes which potentially impact the fire protection within nuclear generating stations.

Our reviews have included such elements as spatial layouts of offices, capacity for exit, sprinkler systems, specialty suppression systems, alarms and annunciation, fuel systems, proximity and separation, and Hazard Class assessments.

All reviews are based upon the requirements of CSA N293 “Fire Protection for Nuclear Power Plants”.  Additional Codes and Standards incorporated into the review process include Provincial and National Building and Fire Codes, standards from NFPA, UL, ULC and CSA, and FM Global property loss prevention data sheets.

NA Engineering Associates Inc will typically receive a final draft design package containing engineering documents (drawings, calculations, specifications, reports) and assess the package to ensure that the proposed design complies with the facility licensing requirements.  Report author and designer comment / disposition sheets are typically included in the final review report.

The general public can rest assured that fire safety in nuclear facilities is not taken lightly and is always subject to comprehensive review and approval.