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Project Location: Stratford, Ontario

NA Engineering Associates Inc. utilizes state-of-the-art modeling and rendering software to produce virtual models of our projects. This technology is known as Building Information Modelling or BIM.  BIM technology allows us to produce complex forms, investigate multiple design solutions and take advantage of the most current analysis software to reduce waste and increase design efficiency. With our model-making and rapid-prototyping facilities, we can demonstrate how a design works as a built-structure before a project ever moves to the fabrication and construction phase.  Three-dimensional modeling brings design ideas to life allowing fit, form, and function to be observed in physical space and enabling the identification of potential design flaws early in the process.  Our modeling and rapid prototyping machine converts 3D models produced by our BIM experts to scaled, three-dimensional parts and models. The final product is a durable, functional model with accurate, fine feature details. Finished prototypes are robust enough to be used for in place size and tolerance testing in non-stress applications