NALogoRed&B_thick_assoc-150PXDarlington Refurbishment Project – Reactor Mock-Ups

Client: Aecon Industrial and SNC-Lavalin Nuclear Inc.

Project Location: Bowmanville, ON

The Darlington Nuclear Generating Station will soon be entering a refurbishment phase and this involves removing and replacing the primary reactor components. Remotely-controlled tools and complex multi-task machines are required to conduct the re-tube work safely, due to the radioactive environment.  Before any work in the plant begins, the refurbishment team of SNC-Lavalin Nuclear Inc. and Aecon Industrial were required to build and assemble mock-ups of the reactor and feeders to allow for testing of tools and processes before any work on the reactors begins.  NA Engineering Associates Inc. has provided the design drawings and 3D computer models and structural calculations necessary to assemble the mock-up components for many of the scope areas required for retubing.  These mock-ups have been assembled and proof tested in the new Darlington Energy Center.