NALogoRed&B_thick_assoc-150PXExpansion of London International Airport

Client: London

Project Location: London, Ontario

The renovation and expansion of the London International Airport required the addition to and reworking of, the existing parking areas, access roads and walkways, as well as the main boulevard. An assessment of the existing roadways and parking areas was undertaken to determine the extent of asphalt, curb and sidewalk replacement. Where possible, the existing amenities were retained and incorporated into the new design. New services were required in a number of areas. Site grading and stormwater management were integral components of the design of this facility. Close co-ordination with the Architect and the project team was required to ensure that all facets of the expansion were addressed, and the design and finished product met with the approval of the London Airport Authority. In order to maintain a fully functioning facility throughout the expansion, the project required a high level of attention to staging and construction phasing.