NALogoRed&B_thick_assoc-150PXNorman Street Subdivision

Client: DND Developments

Project Location: Stratford, Ontario

The Norman Street Subdivision is an infill development in the City of Stratford consisting of the creation of a new street between two existing streets. The project included the servicing and lot grading of 32 semi-detached lots. Detailed grading and stormwater management were required to design a drainage system bound on all sides by existing development.

As with many infill developments of this nature, working within existing infrastructure brought challenges to the project. The challenges were overcome through careful planning and through the implementation of cost-effective solutions that were agreeable to all parties.

Tender drawings and specifications were prepared for this project. Site supervision of the installation of all services was provided by NA Engineering Associates Inc. staff to ensure quality control and adherence to the project design.

Now fully occupied by new homes, this development has blended well with Stratford’s comfortable residential neighborhoods.