NALogoRed&B_thick_assoc-150PXOPG, Building KD and KR Office Reno and HVAC Upgrades

Client: Ontario Power Generation

Project Location: Toronto, Ontario

NA Engineering Associates Inc. undertook the task of designing the mechanical, electrical systems for the second floor KD building and the second and third floor KR building renovations at Ontario Power Generation’s buildings at 800 Kipling Avenue in Toronto.

The mechanical system upgrades involved the removal of outdated Roof Top Units and the design and installation of five, new energy efficient RTU’s.  A complete replacement of the existing ductwork KD distribution an partial replacement at KR permitted a more functional and better-performing system, complete with VAV boxes that allowed for zoned controls.

Touchless plumbing fixtures for all of the renovated washrooms were included, and tied into the existing systems.  A complete replacement of the electrical distribution system was required to allow for zoned controls and time-of-day lighting in KD while KR required a complete replacement of the lighting and systems for this  s.f. space.

The resulting design has given the OPG staff a much more comfortable, and energy-efficient work space to operate in.