NALogoRed&B_thick_assoc-150PXRannoch Mill Site Remediation

Client: Joe Leyser Demolition Inc

Project Location: Rannoch, Ontario

After a Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment was completed at a long-time mill property, NA Engineering Associates Inc. was engaged to provide the consultant oversight and verification of site clean-up efforts.    A limited amount of soil was found to be contaminated due to past uses of the property, and it was the desire of the owner to demolish the structures on site and sell the property as a residential building lot.  In order to do this it was necessary to remove from the site any contaminant found in concentrations that exceeded the Ministry of the Environment regulations.  Soli analyses aided in delineating the contaminants, and the impacted soil was excavated and hauled to an approved landfill.  Today, the lot is occupied by a nice, new home.