NALogoRed&B_thick_assoc-150PXNorwich Subdivision

Client: Girard Engineering Ltd.

Project Location: Norwich Ontario

The Norwich Subdivision project included the design and construction of a new residential street and the design and servicing of 135 new residential, single family and semi-detached building lots.  Detailed grading, stormwater management and street lighting designs were all undertaken as part of this project.

As with all of our development designs, special care was taken to limit the amount of available land that needed to be occupied by stormwater control facilities.

Coordination with the municipality, the Conservation Authority, the County, adjacent land owners, and the developer, was an essential part of this project, and was employed throughout the entire design process in order to ensure timely completion of the design documents.

Tender documents were prepared for this project.  Prior to commencement of construction, the property was sold to another developer and the developer’s engineer (L.A. Girard) was responsible for overseeing the construction.